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Are you worried about your teen and not sure what to do?

  • Perhaps they are spending a lot of time in their room or spending most of their time away from the home? 
  • Are they struggling and not talking to you?
  • Are you worried they might be depressed or have thoughts of suicide?
  • Are you concerned with their drug or alcohol use or wondering if this might be an issue?
  • Are they struggling with school work or friends?
  • Are they irritable, anxious, angry, sad?
  • Do they struggle with their relationship with food or their body?

It can be very scary when you are worried about your teen and don’t know how to help.

We believe that all teens want to do well and when they aren’t doing well or are struggling with school, relationships or activities, something might be up and it’s time to check in with them. Sometimes teens have the vocabulary to describe what’s going on and sometimes they don’t. 

Teens Are Overwhelmed and Might Struggle with Low Self-Esteem,  Alcohol or Drug Use, Negative Body Image

In today’s world, teens are overwhelmed with pressures from every angle: teachers, peers, coaches, parents and themselves. When pressures become too much, motivation may decrease and they might struggle with low self-esteem, have emotional outbursts, or turn to alcohol, marijuana or other drugs, and nicotine to cope. Sometimes they may put too much pressure on themselves to do well or look a certain way.

Adolescent Years Are A Time of Transition

During adolescence, teens are learning how to navigate the world outside of home. Though they still need their parents’ support, they gravitate toward developing relationships with their peers and fitting in. When they don’t have healthy ways of dealing with life stressors, they can fall into unhealthy relationships and patterns that when go unnoticed or uninterrupted can lead to more pain and suffering throughout their life and even thoughts of suicide.

Counseling Can Help Teen Depression, Anxiety and More

We get teens. We understand their day-to-day challenges and the pressures and changes in the world they face today.  Through teen counseling, we help teens to identify their values, learn how to make healthier choices, balance pressures from adults and peers, handle disappointment, problem-solve and communicate more effectively. 

Our teen therapists specialize in:

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Marijuana Use
Alcohol Use
Body Image
Disordered Eating
Suicide Risk
Grief and Loss
School-related Issues
Family Conflict
Family Communication
Relational Aggression
Life Transitions
College Preparation

How Our Teen Therapists in Denver Help Adolescents

We help teens identify their values and goals for their life.

We help them learn language to describe what they are feeling and their experiences so they are able to communicate their needs and struggles more effectively.

We teach teens ways of coping with anxiety, depression, feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness, helplessness.

We help teens who struggle with thoughts of suicide find meaning and connection to life.

We help teens who struggle with or use alcohol or drugs to cope. 

We help teens both individually and as a family, depending on the teen and families needs and goals. 

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Family Therapy with Teens Helps Address ADHD, Depression, Anxiety, Drug and Alcohol Use, Self-Esteem Issues and More

Parents and caregivers are an important part of a teens growth and development. When a teen is struggling they may want to work with a therapist individually. Family therapy in addition to individual therapy can help relieve parent and caregivers anxiety, it can help bridge communication gaps and help with managing conflict. 

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Denver Metro Counseling is offering online therapy in addition to in-person counseling for teens and tweens.

The world is experiencing quite a mix of reactions to the coronavirus spread. Though our youth are reportedly at low risk of being negatively impacted by the virus medically, many are having a hard time reconciling the impact this crisis has on them.

Seniors are grieving the potential loss of prom, graduation, not being able to play sports for many their last time, and finishing their high school career with their friends. 

All teens and tweens are having to adjust to taking online classes, not having face-to-face interactions, finding ways to entertain themselves, learn how to manage their depression, anxiety, substance abuse or other challenges without many of their helpful distraction activities.

If you are concerned about your teen or tween and want to learn more about how in-person or online therapy works, reach out to us for more information or take a look at our Online Therapy page.

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