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Those with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder have unique challenges that go beyond what traditional therapy provides. You might struggle with paying attention, keeping organized, feeling restless, feeling overwhelmed, feeling as though you are missing something, and maybe feeling like you’re never good enough.

ADHD Treatment

Aside from this, you might also have difficulty slowing your mind down, and may feel sad, depressed, angry or misunderstood. You may have difficulty understanding or naming your feelings or recognizing other’s feelings. You can be anxious because you find even small tasks overwhelming. You try hard to meet others’ expectations and often are told to try harder, or that you are doing things wrong, or you need to pay attention.

Living with ADHD can be tough, but it can also be rewarding. Those who have ADHD are often very intelligent, are creative in nature, have a great sense of humor and feel emotions more intensely than those without.

Living with adhd can be tough - but also rewarding

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ADHD Coaching is different from therapy as sessions are focused on goal setting, accountability, and action. Meetings are very focused on creating a plan for the week based on your desired overall goal, such as planning an upcoming event, cleaning up an area of your living or working space, organization, studying, preparing for an assignment or work deadline, or additional needs. In addition to therapy, coaching can be an effective and supportive means to making greater improvements in your life. 

ADHD Coaching

To learn whether ADHD therapy could be helpful for you, we encourage you to schedule a free 20-minute consultation with one of our clinicians. During this consultation, you can learn more about our approach to supporting people with ADHD.

Are Treatments for ADHD Right for You?

A combination of both types with equal presentation of each.

Combined Inattentive and Hyperactive/Impulsive Type ADHD:

People with this type tend to predominately feel more energy in their body, experience restlessness and the need to be “on the go”; having difficulty sitting or standing still and with waiting. Often they may say or do things impulsively or blurt out answers or interrupt others in conversation. 

Hyperactive/Impulsive Type ADHD:

People with inattentive type struggle primarily with getting started on tasks, staying organized, staying on-task, forgetfulness, loss of time, difficulty managing emotions, zoning out.

Inattentive Type ADHD: 

There are 3 types of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:

Working memory: remembering steps as you are doing something, taking in what you are reading as you are reading.

Processing Information: understanding information presented, thinking about thoughts, problem solving and self-reflection

Starting and shifting focus: ability to start tasks and transition to other tasks

Self-regulation: regulating thoughts, feelings and responses

Planning, organizing and prioritizing

Regulating attention: maintaining focus on an activity, task or project

Adapting to change: respond and adjust to change

Sense of time: having awareness of time and time passing, managing time.

According to Dr. Thomas Brown, Author, Researcher and Leading Expert in ADHD, ADHD is a “complex syndrome of developmental impairments of executive function, the self-management system of the brain, a system of mostly unconscious operations. These impairments are situationally variable and significantly interfere with functioning in many aspects of the person’s daily life.”

ADHD impacts the frontal lobe of the brain that is responsible for executive functions:

What Is ADHD?

Our clinicians have advanced training in working with ADHD and other neurodivergent learning presentations. We see each person uniquely and our goal is to further understand your challenges and strengths. Our goal is to help highlight your strengths to help you work thought your challenges in the way you work best.

ADHD Therapy and Counseling looks at not just the challenges in day-to-day living, but also, the deeper impacts ADHD and neurodivergence have on one’s self-esteem, relationships, communication, understanding of the world, and more. 

We go beyond identifying tips and tricks to help you understand how your brain works with ADHD. We all have unique brains, with or without ADHD, and learning how your brain works will provide you with the ultimate guide to making changes in your life. 

Our focus is on learning to live with ADHD and your unique brain, rather than trying to change how you work or who you are. We help you come to learn how you work best, accept that you are enough and that ADHD is part of your life; who you are and how you work. Not something to be fixed, dismissed, or overcome. 

ADHD Therapy and Counseling in Denver, CO

Neurodivergence refers to variations from “the norm” in development of sociability, learning, attention, mood and other mental functions. At Denver Metro Counseling, we recognize that everyone’s brains function in beautiful ways and sometimes challenges related to neurodivergence are overlooked by other professionals who do not understand this difference.

The term “neurodivergent” is applied to those with ADHD, Autism spectrum, dyslexia, as well as dissociation, bipolar disorder, Tourette’s and anything labeled as “outside the norm” for society including mental illnesses. Basically, a lot of people identify as neurodivergent and we honor that while also believing what’s considered normal, might not be so. 

What is neurodivergence?

What to Expect from our ADHD specialists in Denver

At the end of the first meeting you and your therapist will know your therapy goals and establish a method to achieve them.

Ongoing sessions are 50-minutes and vary in cost based on clinician and certifications. During these sessions, you will share more of your story and learn tools along the way to help you learn to thrive with ADHD.

Create therapy goals


Should you choose to work with one of our ADHD therapists, you will schedule an initial 90-minute intake appointment.

During this first session, we want to get to know more about you and your journey with ADHD. We are careful not to make this too overwhelming and won’t get into anything too deep this first meeting.

Schedule your intake appointment


Your initial consultation will be scheduled with one of our ADHD specialists.

Therapists are matched based on a variety of factors to ensure that you receive the most effective care possible and that you feel comfortable working with the therapist for your specific and unique needs.

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If you would like to learn more about ADHD Treatment or ADHD coaching, schedule a complimentary 20-minute consult to discuss your concerns with a specialized therapist.

She will walk you through the process of getting onboarded and scheduling your first appointment.


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