As a therapist, my goal is to provide you with the tools unique to you that are needed to explore and discover ways to improve yourself, your relationships, and your life perspective.

Whether you are a teen or young adult, I believe that as we go through life, we are always changing, growing, and learning more about ourselves.

This is not always easy, and I am here to support and guide you or your teen through life’s challenges.

Teenagers are in a transitional part of life where they are creating more meaningful relationships and begin searching for their identify and purpose in the world.

As a teen, you begin to feel more pressure, expectations, and stress as you take on more responsibility in your life.

You may also believe that no one understands your struggles and perspectives and this can feel chaotic and even isolating.



Adult and Teen Therapist and Counselor in Denver, CO

Transitions are not just a teen experience. As adults, beginning new chapters of your life can make you feel vulnerable, anxious, and uncertain.

Adjusting to change can bring up all types of emotions and it is important to evaluate your needs, practice self-care and feel supported as you navigate through what is to come.

If you have ADHD, you might find transitions exceptionally difficult. It may be challenging to stay on task, focus, control your impulses, or regulate your emotions. It can be hard to prioritize things, stay organized, and it feels like your potential is going to waste. This can feel both exhausting and overwhelming.

Depression can cause every day, every task, and every moment to feel unbearable, heavy, and dark. Anxiety can cause you to feel a sense of self-doubt, worry, and fear that often impacts your work, relationships, and your sense of control.

These experiences can make you feel like you are in a constant loop that feels impossible to break free from.

I understand that both teens and adults need a space where they are not afraid to truly be themselves and to process their thoughts, emotions, fears, and experiences.

My passion involves meeting you, the client, where you are at as we create a relationship built on trust and understanding 

In my work with clients, I value empowerment, respect for others, and compassion.

I provide my clients with the space to acknowledge your pain and educate you on ways to process your emotions, identify your strengths, and help you identify and practice the coping skills that are needed to support you during times when you feel alone and overwhelmed.

I provide teen therapy, adult and young adult counseling and work with people ages 13 and older. 

I value the idea that healing, processing, and growth impacts our ability to successfully connect with those around us and work collaboratively with clients to help them make changes you want to see. 

I work collaboratively with clients by creating a safe space that allows you to value yourself as a person, find your strengths, and process any past or present challenges or traumas that you are facing in your life.

Before my journey in social work began, I worked as a technical recruiter for several years. That work taught me how to connect with people, identify their strengths, and set achievable goals for individuals who sought out my support.

Through this, I recognized the importance of building trust in relationships with my clients and in responding with empathy. 
I learned how to provide obtainable resources within the community and act as a mediator for both the employers and the employees, ensuring communication existed in a healthy and productive way.

I loved collaborating with my clients and assisting them in finding employment. However, it was at this time I realized that I always desired to help people in all aspects of their lives. 

I received my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts and my Master’s in Social Work From the University of Denver with an emphasis on trauma and mental health. I have received training through EMDR of the Rockies and am an EMDR therapist.

I have worked with people of all ages and and take a trauma-informed approach to my clinical work. 


Initial Assessment for Individual 90 minutes: $240.00
Individual Therapy Sessions 50 minutes: $135.00
Parent and Family Sessions 60 minutes: $160.00

Other services provided are pro-rated at $160.00/60 minutes. 

Rates for Therapy Services

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