I am deeply curious about and engaged in this wild experience we share - being human.

What most fascinates me are the subtle forces that make up our lives: the nature of the human mind, the complexity and beauty of our emotional lives, the stunning elegance of the mind and body connection. 

As an extension of this, I approach therapy with a spirit of curiosity, mutual exploration, and deep reverence for the infinite power and wisdom that exists inside of you.

I believe we all have a place of wholeness, clarity, and peace that exists beyond the stressors and traumas of our lives.

My role is to support you in identifying and removing the obstacles that keep you from accessing that place with more ease, and in safely rearranging the internal structures we find together that may have once protected you, but may now feel like your own personal cage. 

Therapy is your path home to yourself, and these obstacles are the gateways to your liberation. 

My role is to be with you as you gather the courage to face all that life has brought your way. 

ma, lpcc, mEd

Meghan Stetson

Therapist & Counselor in Denver, CO

 I serve as a guide and an anchor, rooted in my training, professional experience, and shared humanity.

I have found that this path can sometimes feel difficult, sometimes exciting, and can contain delightful moments of humor and levity along the way.

I’m here for it all.

My path to becoming a therapist was a natural progression of my own healing journey, which has included many years of living with the confusing fog of chronic illness and autoimmunity.

This experience deeply informs my holistic, mind-body orientation.

I specialize in: chronic illness, chronic pain, disconnection from your body, anxiety, codependency, life transitions, healthy stress management, psychedelic integration, spiritual exploration, and navigating the early and emerging adulthood years.

My therapeutic influences include mindfulness, somatic awareness, humanism, Internal Family Systems, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, feminism, social justice, ecopsychology, yoga philosophy, Polyvagal Theory, transpersonal psychology, and mind-body medicine.

I often offer skills-based teaching, tangible tools, and therapy homework to my clients, and I bring a trauma-informed and attachment-based lens to this work.

Meghan specializes in trauma therapy, therapy for chronic pain and chronic illness, Codependency, psychedelic integration, spiritual exploration, anxiety counseling, depression counseling, and Life Transitions.

 I hold a Master’s degree in Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. Transpersonal psychology is where ancient wisdom traditions meet Western psychology.

More tangibly, this includes a focus on mindfulness and meditation, and can also include spiritual exploration and integration. I have advanced training in Pain Reprocessing Therapy, Polyvagal Theory, Psychedelic Integration, and Ecotherapy.

I bring to my psychotherapy practice 15+ years of experience focused on the development of others in the fields of higher education and yoga education. I have held roles as college counselor, college admissions & financial aid officer, yoga administrator, and yoga teacher, and have a Master's degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

I presently serve as Academic Director of Curriculum for MyMentor Global Academy, where I get to write and teach original human skills courses on things like Self-Awareness, Empathy, and Resilience. The common threads across my entire career are human connection and human development.


Initial Assessment for Individual 90 minutes: $250.00
Initial Assessment for Family/Parent Support 120 minutes: $340.00
Individual Therapy Sessions 50 minutes: $140.00
Parent and Family Sessions 60 minutes: $170.00

Other services provided are pro-rated at $170.00/60 minutes. 

Rates for Therapy Services

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