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DMC believes wholly in the therapeutic process and the importance of therapists asking for and receiving help themselves. This is hard work we do, and often we take on the emotions of those we help. We can easily become worn out, disorganized, feel overwhelmed, feel disconnected from others, seek unhealthy ways of coping to avoid – we are human. As clinicians, we also have unique needs.

Compassion fatigue is very real and it impacts both our professional and personal lives. As helpers, it is important for us to take care of ourselves and be aware of how our work impacts our body and mind.


If you are seeking consultation on an individual basis, please reach find each clinicians' specialties on their bio page. 

Development of the Therapist Group

6-month Group Beginning April 16, 2024

DMC Owner, Julie Reichenberger, will be leading a 6-month (6-session) Development of the Therapist Group that meets the third Tuesday of the month for 90-minutes to discuss difficult cases, how we manage self-care as therapists in the process while developing further as a therapist.

Cost is $90/group for a total of $540.

Group begins Tuesday, April 16th and will run once a month from 9:30am - 11:00am MST.

Possible clinical themes discussed:
Managing suicide risk and assessment
Working with complex trauma
Working with depression
Navigating supports

Personal themes explored:
Who you are as a human first, then a therapist
How do you show up in therapy
How far are you able and willing to go with a client
Walking the talk

individual consultation for therapists

Using self-reflection, parts work, giving and receiving supportive feedback therapists will learn to conceptualize cases, navigate choice points in treatment, identify how therapist's may be getting in the way, learning to use self-reflection as a means for growing as a therapist.

This group is for therapists who want to further develop as a therapist while diving into deeper work with their clients.

It is formatted to support self-reflection, navigating our own parts that show up in sessions, and to provide guidance on working with more challenging circumstances. 

April 16, May 21, June 18, July 16, August 20, September 17 

As an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Consultant, Julie offers individual and group consultation for those seeking EMDR Certification or want additional support as an EMDR practitioner. 

Next closed EMDR Consultation Group begins this April. 
- Group is limited to 4 EMDR trained clinicians
- Cost is $60 per group
- Group meets virtually once a month over 10 months 

Individual and Group EMDR Consultation 

Upcoming EMDR Consultation Group

Julie offers advanced training in an evidenced-based suicide intervention (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training: ASIST) workshop through LivingWorks Education in addition to custom-made presentations on working with suicide as a therapist.

Julie has been a trainer since 2013 and has trained hundreds of people throughout Colorado be more ready, willing and able to help someone with thoughts of suicide. If you or your organization is interested in attending or hosting one of these workshops, contact Julie here.

Advanced Training in Suicide Intervention and Recovery

Download our complimentary Suicide Safety Plan

This Suicide Safety Plan adapted from the VA's template is intended to be completed by people who want to create safety when suicide may be at higher risk in the future. If you're a clinician wanting to learn more about creating safety in regards to suicide, reach out for a consultation. 

Thank you!

free suicide awareness resource

Working in this field demands that we take care of ourselves and seek support and consultation from others to avoid burnout. Group support is a powerful way to build community and to feel understood and validated in our work.

From time to time, we offer supportive, group activities for therapists in the community to come together and share in a healing experience. These might include an easy hike, walk in the park, yoga, sound and vibrational healing, music in the park and more. If you are interested in being kept in the loop on upcoming activities, reach out to be added to our email list for therapists.


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