Young Adult Counseling

Young Adult Counseling in Denver, CO

Young adults are struggling. According to the 2021 Colorado Health Access Survey, “more than half of people ages 19-29 [report] their mental health declined during the pandemic.”

Has the pandemic affected your mental health negatively?

Are you curious about therapy?

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed about all the responsibility that you have to suddenly take on as a young adult?
  • Are you struggling with trying to figure out what your plan for life is?
  • Do you feel pressure from family, friends, and society to have it all figured out?
  • Have you been comparing yourself to others in a way that is hurtful to your self esteem?
  • Perhaps you don’t feel like yourself anymore?

Young adulthood brings with it a unique set of challenges that may inspire growth and resiliency if approached in a healthy, informed way. During this phase of life, you transition from student to professional and your expectations of yourselves may also transition. Relationships evolve, careers begin and grow, and along the way you are developing into the adult you want to be.

Image of a woman with looking sideways, considering something. Read More: “What To Know About Therapy And If Therapy Is Right For You”

You may feel the pressure of making decisions about the rest of your life. These pressures can leave you feeling excited, stressed, happy, confused, fearful, stuck and overwhelmed. This can lead to anxiety and depression, difficulty making decisions, and disorganization. It can also lead to unhealthy coping, including drinking too much, using drugs or alcohol to numb or forget, conflict with relationships, poor decision making and even thoughts of suicide.

Often during this time of change we may lose sight of our values which can make this navigation more challenging.

You’re Facing Problems No One Has Before

Young adults are now being faced with a set of challenges that no generation has experienced before. While your generation forges new paths and ideas of how this world should look, you are faced with old expectations and new obstacles in the way of your dreams. The traditional college experience has been changed by COVID-19. Our economy is uncertain and jobs may not feel secure.

Collectively, we are facing a health pandemic, racial injustices being highlighted and acknowledged as never before, a political divide in the country are leading to increased stress for many, and economic uncertainty.  

Image of a group of young adults smiling and enjoying each other’s company

On top of current events, studies also show that Millennials and Gen Z’s are more likely to feel lonely. In a world relying on social media, friendships have become more surface level and young adults are less likely to reach out to their friends or family for support. 

Feeling lonely can be the driving force of depression, anxiety, substance use and other struggles. There is difficulty in finding long-lasting friendships and feeling genuine support from those in your circle.

Feeling this vulnerable and isolated gets in the way of living the life you’ve dreamed of and holds you back from pursuit.

Thankfully, Millennials and Gen Z’s have also done an immense amount of work to destigmatize mental health issues, to highlight injustices, and are more likely to seek help from a therapist. We’re happy that you’ve made it to this page, proud that you’re asking for help, and are here to support you.

Our Therapists In Denver Specialize in Supporting Young Adults Throughout Colorado

We are here to provide guidance in helping you live the life you want to live. Regardless of life circumstances including mental health struggles, loss, work and relationship challenges, wrestling to overcome setbacks and many other issues, we believe that you can get there.

We help young adults become clear about their goals for their overall health and wellbeing and support them as they identify challenges to work through. 

Denver Metro Counseling understands the challenges of life during these years and provides support and skills to help adults of all ages and life experiences explore their values, validate their unique problems, and create goals to live a rich, meaningful life.

How To Choose A Therapist

Support for Young Adults We Offer

Anxiety Counseling
Depression Counseling
Grief Counseling
Relationship Counseling 
ADHD Counseling, ADHD Coaching 
Trauma/PTSD Therapy , Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
Substance Abuse Counseling, Addiction Counseling, Recovery Support
Family Conflict Support
Parent Support
Help with thoughts of suicide

Getting Started with Young Adult Counseling at Denver Metro Counseling

Once you have been matched with your therapist, you will schedule an initial 90-minute assessment in which we gather all information that is influencing you and brings you to therapy. We will ask about relationships between family members, current problems, goals, previous treatment, education, family history of substance abuse, medical issues, mental health struggles, and history of trauma, among other topics.

By gathering a full picture of all the factors that are influencing you, we can create a better understanding about where the struggles stem from and more effective solutions can be found to guide treatment. We work with you to support your identified goals as we believe that you are the expert of yourself, but just need a little guidance getting there.

Image of a smiling young woman relaxing while sitting on comfortable couch

After the first assessment, the following sessions will be 50-minutes. Our mission is to highlight your strengths and use those to support your journey. From there, we work together to identify a path for therapy, making goals and setting a clear path for you to reach your goals. Whether that is processing issues related to anxiety or depression, improving relationships, figuring out how to increase your access to support from other people and communities, finding clarity in life’s uncertainty, or learning to heal from trauma.

There will always be ups and downs in life and there is so much that we cannot control, but we want to leave you feeling that you have the tools and the strength to handle your life and the climate of this world in the best way that you can.

You May Still Have Questions About Therapy and Denver Metro Counseling

I Can’t Take Time Off of Work For Therapy

We understand that your schedule is packed and there probably doesn’t feel like there is enough time for yourself. Though some workplaces can be understanding, a lot of young adults feel pressure to stay on top of their work or school performance and worry about the impact of taking time off. That is why we offer evening sessions and sessions on the weekends to accommodate your schedule.

Right now it’s easier than ever as a majority of our sessions are offered through video in order to be safe during this pandemic. This eliminates travel time and makes it easier to fit in a therapy session before work or school, during your lunch break or in between classes, or at the end of the day from the comfort of your own home. If this is a concern of yours, we will work with you to find a plan for therapy that fits your availability.

I’m Worried I Can’t Afford It

Therapy is a commitment and we understand it can be hard to balance all of your finances. We will work with you to establish a therapy schedule that makes the most sense for your budget. Although we don’t accept insurance, we can provide superbills (a form that details services) for you to submit to your insurance in order to get you closer to your out-ot-network deductible.

We accept payment in the form of Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) both often offered through work, credit and debit cards. We also offer limited sliding-scale opportunities for those that qualify. If this is a worry of yours, reach out to us and we are glad to support you in making a plan that works. We don’t want finances to be a barrier to getting help for your mental health.

Though we cannot guarantee a good fit, if we are not a good fit, we will do our best to provide you with other resources that may be.

We Make Getting Started Simple

We offer a free 20-minute phone consultation so we can answer any questions you might have about therapy or other services we provide. We want to make sure you get connected with the right help for you.

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