Substance Abuse Counseling


Have you ever wondered whether alcohol or drugs are a problem for you? Have friends or loved ones expressed concerns? Do you find yourself hiding or minimizing your use? Do you struggle with addiction to alcohol or drugs? Are you in recovery from alcohol or drug use?

Multiple factors can lead to substance use disorders: major life changes, mild or severe traumatic events, grief and loss, depression and anxiety.

For teens, in today’s stressful, chaotic world, teenagers are constantly under pressure to be the best at it all: a high-performing student to get into a good college; the best athlete to receive a scholarship; the most well-rounded community advocate to receive awards and recognition. And the pressure doesn’t stop at school. Often, teenagers are pressured by their family members, friends and peers – and even social media – to be the thinnest, prettiest, smartest or best at whatever goal they are trying to achieve.

The pressure doesn’t stop with teenagers. Adults have their own set of pressures at work and home: to provide for their families, to perform well at work, to make their spouses happy.

Living with these pressures without developing positive coping mechanisms, mindfulness or relief can lead to substance abuse in multiple forms – with prescriptions, illicit drugs, marijuana, or alcohol.

Overcoming substance abuse starts with re-learning and understanding who you are, who you want to be and who you are in the community. Your therapist will help you identify the root cause of those factors that trigger your substance abuse, create a plan to overcome your struggle and support you through recovery.

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