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In addition to in-person sessions, Denver Metro Counseling offers video sessions for all our services through our secure HIPAA compliant telehealth software. 


  • Living or working in a remote community where access to therapy in-person is limited
  • Having limited time away from home, work and/or school obligations.
  • Have difficulty securing child care.
  • Have medical conditions or other circumstances that might limit your mobility or ability to meet in-person.

We offer online therapy support for both individual, family, group and parenting sessions. This allows us to meet you where you are, at your convenience.

Reasons people might choose to talk to a therapist online:

Online therapy may not feel ideal for you and in usual circumstances, we prefer meeting with clients face-to-face, in our offices. With our current state of affairs, video therapy is the best option available at this time and is still quite effective and can be intimate in a way that in-office sessions cannot. 

Life can be hard and sometimes we struggle to get through it. Even in these times when we are with others, we might also feel alone. Work stress, relationship stress, stress stress. It all adds up and can get away from us if we don’t pay attention. Experiences in our childhood, adolescent or teenage years can affect us later in life and show up in ways we might never guess.

Online Therapy Is The Best Available Option

  1. Make sure you are in a private, quiet location. Using headphone can help increase privacy. For those who share a house with roommates/kids/parents, sometimes finding a private place can be difficult. It’s helpful to think this through before your session begins. If you are having difficulty figuring out a private space, reach out to your therapist. They can help you brainstorm ideas.
  2. Make sure, if you do have roommates, kids, partners, parents around that they know you will be having an online therapy session. This can help prevent interruptions and “oops” moments of people walking through your session and being seen by the therapist without their knowledge.
  3. Make sure you have a good internet connection and that you don’t have other apps or programs running in the background while you are in session. This can help minimize tech-related disruptions.
  4. Take a few minutes (5 to 10) to prepare for your session. Think about how you want to use your time in therapy that day. Often people use their car ride or waiting room time to gather their thoughts and prepare for sessions. Taking a few minutes to sit and settle in before session can make a big difference in focus.
  5. Make sure your therapist can see you and that you can see them throughout session. 
  6. Using your phone is convenient. Using a tablet or laptop you don’t have to hold can help reduce distraction of holding a phone and allow you to be more present during session. Being hands-free is preferred, though, we understand, not always possible.
  7. If you are doing family, couples or parenting sessions, it can be helpful to have each person login in separate rooms so you can all see each other and talk with each other and the therapist without echoes. 

Helpful online counseling tips to talk to a therapist online:

  1. Schedule an appointment with your therapist. 
  2. If you are a new client, you will receive an email with a link to your Client Portal where you will login, read over, provide information requested and electronically sign documents. One of which is a consent to participate in telehealth (video/phone sessions).
  3. You will also receive an invitation through text to download our secure telehealth app to be used on your phone, tablet, and computer.
  4. You will receive a video call from your therapist through this app at the time your appointment is scheduled.

Here are steps for you to know to start online therapy:

How does online counseling work? What do I need to know before starting online therapy? 

Regardless your struggle, Denver Metro Counseling can help. Our approach to therapy is collaborative, with you in the driver’s seat. Together, we will help you identify your unique challenges, create goals for therapy to help you become more resilient and develop a life to thrive within. Most important to this process is a positive therapeutic relationship built through respect, trust, communication and collaboration.

Denver Metro Counseling Offers Online Therapy in Denver to all Colorado Residents

People love to provide advice to others, especially when someone needs help figuring something out. While that’s nice and sometimes helpful, it can feel dismissive and intrusive and sometimes just annoying. What works for one person, may not work for you and the same is true for therapy. 

At Denver Metro Counseling, our therapists are trained in multiple, complementary therapeutic modalities and we use approaches that best meet your needs based on a variety of factors.

Together, you and your therapist can talk about modalities they use and what might work best for you. 


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