Therapy & Support For Therapists



Therapy For Therapists

DMC believes wholly in the therapeutic process and the importance of therapists asking for and receiving help themselves.

This is hard work we do, and often we take on the emotions of those we help. We can easily become worn out, disorganized, feel overwhelmed, feel disconnected from others, seek unhealthy ways of coping to avoid – we are human.

As clinicians, we also have unique needs.

Compassion fatigue is very real and it impacts both our professional and personal lives. As helpers, it is important for us to take care of ourselves and be aware of how our work impacts our body and mind.

Individual Consultation and Supervision for Therapists

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We offer monthly consultation groups for clinicians who work with teens, adults and families.

Our clinicians specialize in family therapy, parent support, trauma, addiction, ADHD and suicide risk.

We value consulting with other clinicians in the community and value community support and encouragement. If you are interested in joining our consultation group contact us here.

If you are seeking consultation on an individual basis, please reach out to the clinician with the specialty in which you are seeking consultation for here.

Individual EMDR Consultation 

As an EMDRIA Approved Consultant, Julie offers individual consultation for those seeking EMDR Certification. 

EMDR Consultation

Advanced Training in Suicide Intervention and Recovery

Julie offers advanced training in an evidenced-based suicide intervention (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training: ASIST) workshop through LivingWorks Education in addition to custom-made presentations on working with suicide as a therapist.

Julie has been a trainer since 2013 and has trained hundreds of people throughout Colorado be more ready, willing and able to help someone with thoughts of suicide. If you or your organization is interested in attending or hosting one of these workshops, contact Julie here.

Other Supports For Therapists

Working in this field demands that we take care of ourselves and seek support and consultation from others to avoid burnout. Group support is a powerful way to build community and to feel understood and validated in our work.

From time to time, we offer supportive, group activities for therapists in the community to come together and share in a healing experience.

These might include an easy hike, walk in the park, yoga, sound and vibrational healing, music in the park and more. If you are interested in being kept in the loop on upcoming activities, reach out to be added to our email list for therapists.

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