Anxiety Counseling


Some anxiety is good. Yes, you read that right. A healthy amount of anxiety gets you up in the morning, motivates you to finish a project, helps you get things done. Having too much anxiety, however, can be crippling and paralyzing. 

Do you find it hard to turn your brain off? Do you suffer with stomach aches, clenched jaw, feeling jittery or experience other uncomfortable sensations? Or, do you sometimes have no recollection of how you got some place or can’t remember a conversation you just had with someone? Whether you shut down or get worked up when life gets hard, both can be signs of unhealthy anxiety.

We can help you understand how anxiety impacts your life in all areas including relationships, work, school, and health (to name only a few most of us recognize). We can help you learn how to recognize signs that anxiety is coming in hot (or not so hot), and how to manage it when it becomes too much. Over time, as you learn more about your anxiety and how to help you, anxiety waves won’t crash as hard and life experiences become more manageable.

If you are wondering if you might benefit from skills to help you get through your days reach out. Our clinicians have advanced training to provide tools and techniques to help you get back on track.

To learn more about anxiety and depression and whether you might benefit from therapy, call or email to schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation with one of our clinicians.

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