We help people transition through life-stages, have healthy relationships, figure out who they want to be and live a rich, meaningful life as defined by you.

From middle to high school, high school to college or workforce, college to workforce, starting a family, starting or ending a relationship, grieving the loss of someone, grieving the loss of a job, pet, life change, making decisions or adjusting to change can be easier with support. Especially if you struggle with past or current trauma, hurtful relationships, challenges with learning, anxiety, depression, substance abuse or thoughts of suicide. 

Denver Metro Counseling is a community of clinicians who provide excellent mental health care through practicing respect for clients, collaborating with other treatment providers, engaging in ongoing professional development, and practicing self-care.

Our clinicians value integrity in learning and practice. We use evidence-based practices and seek ongoing education through reading, trainings, discussions, collaboration, and consultation with other professionals.

We collaborate with other service providers both locally and nationally to provide our client’s the best treatment possible.

Our mission is to provide each person who walks in our doors with the care and tools they need to reach their goals.