Initial Session
First, I will meet with both you and your child to 1) discuss your reason(s) for seeking therapy, and 2) obtain your child’s family, medical, social, school, and (if any prior) treatment histories. Then, if you and your child are comfortable, I will meet with your child alone to complete my assessment and identify goals for therapy. I will then invite you back in, at which time we will share the goals that your child and I have identified. I will also give my recommendations for frequency of therapy, and I will ask for you and your child’s signed consent to speak with other persons important to or involved in your child’s treatment.

Signed Consent
I take a collaborative approach to individual therapy with your child. In doing so, I enlist the help of positive adults in your child’s life. It is important to your child’s treatment outcomes that I am able to communicate with these people when necessary to ensure your child has the most support possible, that treatment is seamless, and that your child is hearing the same messages. Examples of positive adults include: teachers, school social worker, school psychologist, school counselor, coaches, youth group leader, psychiatrist, pediatrician, and other involved treatment professionals. Each child’s situation is different and the frequency of communication varies on the needs of your child’s treatment.

You are the most important player in your child’s well-being and a valued part of treatment. If your child is engaging in behavior that may put them at risk for harm, I will encourage your child to share this with you in our session. If you are not at the session with your child, I will ask their permission to share this information with you. Should your child be at imminent risk of suicide, you will immediately be notified and we will take necessary steps together to ensure your child’s safety. Please note, that if your child is having thoughts of suicide and not at imminent risk, I may not be sharing this information with you to maintain the client-therapist trust. Please be in tune with your child and notice changes in behaviors and bring them to my attention as you see fit. 

In order for treatment to work your child must trust me. To build and maintain that trust, I will respect your child’s privacy and what we discuss in session will stay between us and those whom I have signed consent to talk with. If I have signed consent from your child, I will update you on progress in therapy.

I am very open with my clients. They are aware of when I share information pertaining to them, and when I plan to share what we discuss in our sessions with anyone else.

If you ever have questions about your child and our sessions, please do not hesitate to call or email me.

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